Permissions play a key role in the design process. Teams need to control who can see, use, and edit various IP assets — across multiple projects and across a worldwide organization.

The need for access control comes from proprietary technology, contractual obligations, or simply the need to control the spread of IPs within the organization.

Permission Management in IPLM

Various tools in the enterprise have their own permission needs. In addition, composition and scope of projects are constantly changing. In this dynamic, ever-changing environment, it is essential to develop a system that can be relied on as a single source of truth for current project scope and composition.

An IP lifecycle management tool like Methodics IPLM is the core of IP-based design workflows, acting as the central repository of the design bill of materials (BoM) and serving as a hub of information for design and IP reuse-related activities.

In this white paper, learn how Methodics IPLM serves as the single source for deriving permissions, keeping the rest of the development system secure, accurate, and in sync with discussion of:

  • IP-Centric Permission Management
  • Building the Permissions Model
  • Applying Permissions to DM Tools
  • Propogating Permissions Across the Enterprise

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