In this overview of semiconductor IP security, learn how to prevent IP leakage and mitigate risk to protect your most valuable IP assets. Plus, learn how your team can get started with the solutions 9 out of 10 leading semiconductor companies trust for IP security and traceability.

What Is IP Security for Semiconductor Organizations?

Semiconductor IP security is critical for organizations. Final SoCs are made up of IPs with various origins, quality levels, and attack surfaces. Each factor comes with potential security risks. Semiconductor security IP involves you understanding each attack surface, tracking changes of IP over time with full traceability, and establishing a single source of truth for secure collaboration from origin to the delivery of the final design.

Why Is IP Security Important?

A single IP leak can cost an organization millions of dollars. As teams expand — in product complexity, headcount and, geography — so does the risk of IP leakage.

How Many Millions Are You Willing to Set Aside to Address IP Leakage?

In today's uncertain geo-political climate, security restrictions on semiconductor technologies can shift rapidly – and carry severe financial penalties for accidental IP export violations. Learn how to maintain the security of your design assets across globally distributed teams and keep up with changing restrictions in our webinar, IP Security Infrastructure in an Uncertain World.

Inadequate IP management can lead to IP leakage, but it can be addressed with fine-grained permissions management, transparent IP hierarchies, and geofencing

Protect your organization. Download the whitepaper, How Many Millions Are You Willing to Set Aside to Address IP Leakage?  Or hear from our experts on this topic in our on-demand webinar.

Learn about the biggest security questions that you’ll face as you build your SoC, and how Helix IPLM (formerly Methodics IPLM) can help you mitigate these risks, in our webinar, IP Security Concerns in SoCs.

Or read our blog, Why Is Traceability Important, where we examine real world examples of where a lack of traceability — not knowing the who, what, when, where, and how of their IP —  proved very costly for organizations.

What Can You Do?

Security IP Best Practices

Protecting your IP often requires a combination of security measures across all the tools in the SoC development environment. Learn how to protect your organization from various risk factors in our resources below.

How Perforce Can Help

To successfully assure IP security, mitigate security risks, and stop security threats, you need the right solution. Helix IPLM has IP security built in to its platform, making it part of the design team’s daily workflows. Read (and watch) below to see how Helix IPLM by Perforce protects your most important assets.

Perforce Protects Your IP 

To assure IP security, you need Perforce. 9 of the 10 top semiconductor organizations trust Perforce for IP security and traceability. Designing semiconductors involves many IPs, geographies, and collaborators, all which present vulnerabilities. Helix IPLM organizes, tracks, and traces IPs across teams. Helix Core data management securely stores IPs and can help you securely replicate around the world at lightning speed. Each vulnerability requires a unique solution. This means you need a robust platform that can mitigate every potential risk and prevent accidental IP leakage.

With Perforce Semiconductor Solutions, you can:

  • Attain a definitive single source of truth for all IP content.
  • Understand the attack surfaces for all IP.
  • Restrict IP availability by geography, regardless of access permissions.
  • Know the who, what, where, why, and how of each IP version with full traceability.

Connect with our IP security experts today to see how Perforce can help your organization protect your valuable IP, before you fall victim to IP leakage.

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