Binary files can’t be stored incrementally in Git. Every version of each binary file must be stored in full. Versioned medium-to-large binary files in Git will quickly blow up the repository size.

This causes unacceptable performance degradation. But designers and integrators must be able to use whatever data management system is appropriate to their need.

Leveraging Git, Simplifying Integration

Git brings significant flow improvements to software and digital design, but these improvements come with heavy costs in increased complexity.

This increased complexity is driven by the practical limits on Git repository sizes — leading to a proliferation of independent repositories, which in turn puts a greater burden on system integration and tracking.

The question is whether Git’s benefits justify the resultant increase in complexity and risk.

Methodics IPLM eliminates the trade-off. Enterprises can leverage the power of Git and simplify their integration flow at the same time.

Download this white paper to learn how Methodics IPLM provides a single source of truth for managing and tracking the versions of all IPs — in Git or other data management systems.