To achieve FuSa compliance, you need certifications of design and development tools  — as well as certifications of design and development workflows and processes themselves.

However, your certifications must be based on the specific versions of the tools and processes involved.

An IP-Centric Methodology to Functional Safety

Functional safety compliance is a relatively new and rapidly evolving discipline. It is gaining prominence within safety-critical applications — such as automotive systems semiconductor design.

Design and development of systems with functional safety compliance in mind is a major challenge even for large and well-equipped project teams.

This white paper introduces an IP-centric design and development methodology as a way to assure that FuSa compliance is traceable down to the level of individual hardware designs and software components, with discussion of:

  • FuSa compliance methodologies.
  • FuSa compliance traceability problem.
  • IP-centric methodology: diagram components and managing FuSa certificates.

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