MISRA C® is one of the most widely used coding standards. But the C language has evolved since the first version of MISRA C came out. And MISRA C has evolved, too, with the latest change in MISRA C:2012.

What Changed in MISRA C:2012 Coding Guidelines?

Is a new set of coding rules really necessary? Are the MISRA C:2012 coding rules significantly better? Will legacy code (that complies with MISRA C:1998 or MISRA C:2004) still be compliant? 

Get the answers in this white paper.

Find out:

  • Whether you should adopt the new MISRA C coding guidelines.
  • 6 key changes in MISRA C:2012.
  • How to migrate from MISRA C:1998 or MISRA C:2004.

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