MISRA Compliance:2020 consolidates and clarifies much of the guidance that was previously spread across the MISRA C and C++ coding guidelines to ensure a clearer understanding of what MISRA compliance means at the outset of a project.

A significant part of MISRA Compliance:2020 are the new MISRA rules and MISRA guidelines. For that reason, it is essential that you review the revisions introduced in MISRA Compliance 2020 to learn about what’s new and how to efficiently comply.

Follow the MISRA Compliance Guidelines

To help you efficiently enforce the new MISRA rules and guidelines included in the MISRA Compliance:2020, you must understand what has changed and how to comply.

The simplest way to ensure MISRA compliance is by reading this white paper written by our panel of MISRA experts, all of whom helped develop MISRA.

The white paper will explain the key areas of the MISRA Compliance:2020, including:

  • What are the new MISRA rules?
  • What are the new MISRA guidelines?
  • How to use a disciplined software development process to enforce MISRA compliance standards.
  • How a static analyzer can help ensure MISRA compliance.