Developing a major multimedia project — like a film, a TV show, or a video game — requires dealing with more complexity than ever before. The amount of data that goes into these kinds of projects is unprecedented, and teams are dealing with larger dimensions of scale, from bigger files and workforces, to geographically distributed teams. Digital efficiency has become more critical than ever to staying on budget and managing your teams across the real-time workflows you collaborate in.

That’s why we made this playbook. This is your guide to the mindset and tools you need to create digital efficiency at your studio.

In this playbook, you will learn:

  • Why digital efficiency is becoming more difficult for teams developing art for films, games, or other media.
  • What version control is, and how it supports collaboration for teams working on these kinds of projects.
  • How to think about digital asset management and collaboration at your studio.
  • What digital efficiency can look like for your team when using Helix DAM (digital asset management) + Helix Core version control.

Start Streamlining Creative Workflows at Your Studio

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