Automotive software is being developed at an unprecedented scale. Future vehicles will have more than a billion lines of code. And with estimated 50% of a future vehicle’s value being derived from its software capabilities, it is a valuable investment.

And it’s not just more code going into vehicles.

The number of chips in vehicles is expected to triple as autonomous vehicles integrate additional ECUs with SoCs, microcontrollers for cameras, sensors, LiDAR, mapping, and more.

Uniting your software and hardware teams is vital to create innovative solutions to support future connectivity.

Version control is a key part of this solution. It allows everyone on your team to work together. And can store all your digital assets to deliver better products faster.

Conquer Challenges With Version Control

There are many challenges in this new automotive environment.


As technology in vehicles increases, so do the opportunities for hackers.

You need to secure your code to protect from internal and external cyberattacks. You need to protect your codebase and workflows to ensure no one can enter through a backdoor.

Safety and Compliance

Compliance is critical for every piece of hardware and software in a vehicle. Functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 set specific requirements that need to be met. And teams need to have the auditability and traceability to prove it.


Hardware and software teams need fast access to files. This helps them avoid wasting time waiting or looking for what they need. And it helps them collaborate better.

Collaborating on Automotive Hardware and Software Projects

Selecting the right version control system allows you to deliver ahead of your competitors.

So which VCS is right for your team?

If you trying to use ClearCase, SVN, or Git for version control you are going to run into challenges.


ClearCase is complex. And it is slowing you down.

ClearCase commands are difficult for developers to understand. And it doesn’t accommodate flexible workflows. Plus the inflexible database file system limits your OS and storage options, making it hard for admins to keep up with growing projects and teams.

ClearCase is a legacy product that lacks integrations for hardware tools, has limited global capabilities, and no robust support.


SVN is a legacy version control system. It can’t scale for global teams. It offers no security out-of-the-box, has a complicated branching and release management process, and limited community support.


If you are looking to switch, you’re looking at Git. But Git doesn’t scale globally. It does not allow you to manage your hardware and software projects effectively. Large teams will struggle with finding code and non-code assets across the enterprise. And IP reuse is impossible.

The Right Version Control For You

Helix Core –– version control by Perforce –– is the best version control to solve challenges for automotive companies. This  high-performance, secure, and auditable VCS creates a single source of truth across global hardware and software projects.

Cybersecurity: Protect Your Digital Assets

Helix Core secures all your digital assets –– including large binary and hardware files –– between facilities and companies around the globe. With features like multifactor authentication and the ability to control access down to a single a file, you have all the tools you need to build defense in depth.

Safety and Compliance

Helix Core creates a single source of truth for projects. It simplifies how you access the data you need to satisfy audits by providing unparalleled traceability. Whether your requirements are SOX compliance or ISO 26262, Helix Core can provide enhanced visibility into your projects.

Collaboration: Support for Everyone on Your Team

Helix Core keeps teams productive by giving them fast, secure access to hardware and software assets. And with our advanced replication technology, everyone on your team can securely share files and feel like they are all located in the same room.

IP and code reuse is optimized. Designers and developers benefit from integrations with the most popular tools such as Methodics, MATLAB, LabView for hardware. And IntelliJ, Visual Studio, and Unity for software.

Helix Core is the version control system trusted by 9 of the top 10 semiconductor companies. Embedded system and tier 1 suppliers also trust Helix Core to secure their files and enhance global collaboration.

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