Products are becoming more complex. Building them requires coordinating many different types of information, including code, CAD files, multimedia, and artifacts often created by teams scattered around the world. If the files these teams work on are disconnected, it'll slow the delivery of the product. It'll also increase the risk of design bugs and the loss of intellectual property. The solution is Helix Core, the fastest, most scalable version control solution from Perforce. Helix Core connects contributors, protects intellectual property, and supports rapid release cycles. No file is too big and no team too distributed.

Contributors sync their work into Helix Core directly from the tools they like whether it's Photoshop, Visual Studio, or other popular IDEs. Because Helix Core natively supports Git, developers can use their preferred Git tools without the scale and performance issues when files, repos, or teams grow. And when it comes time to build, global teams get 80 percent faster builds than a Git server.

Security includes file-level permissions, a full audit trail, and support for SSO and MFA. Helix Core scales to tens of thousands of users, tens of millions of transactions a day, and hundreds of terabytes of data.

A single source of truth for everything that defines a product, Helix Core gives DevOps teams the speed, scale, and security they've come to trust from Perforce. Connect teams, protect IP, and support a thriving business with Helix Core.