Virtual Production 101

In course 1, learn what virtual production is, types of virtual production projects, and what you need to build a virtual studio.

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Introduction to Perforce Helix Core Source Control

Course 2 addresses managing collaboration challenges by using source control/version control. Explore source control in detail and learn why leading studios choose Perforce Helix Core.

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Perforce Helix Core Work Principles

In course 3, learn how to create and manage workspaces, how to connect and use Helix Core with Unreal Engine and Helix Visual Client (P4V), and more. This clip explains some of the basic principles involved in using Helix Core across different environments.

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Perforce Helix Core Advanced Work Principles

In course 4, learn about branching and merging with Perforce Streams and working with multiple changelists. This clip covers some examples of when you may want to shelve files and the basics of how to shelve files in Perforce Helix Core.

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Merging and Collaborating with Unreal Engine

In course 5, learn how to collaborate efficiently in Unreal Engine by learning how to complete merges with Perforce Streams, how to resolve merge conflicts between streams, and more. This clip highlights some best practices for collaborating in Unreal Engine.

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Advanced Unreal Virtual Production & On-Set Workflows

In course 6, learn about collaborating in Unreal Engine in more detail, as well as how to get started with Unreal Engine Multi-User Editor. This clip explains how virtual scouting works with the Unreal Engine Multi-User Editor.

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Artist Virtual Production Workflows

In course 7, explore Perforce workflows specific to non-technical users, such as artists. Learn how to get started with Helix Sync and Helix DAM, integrating virtual asset creation tools like Photoshop and Maya, and more. This clip covers the basic workflows involved in 3D art creation and virtual production.

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Working With Custom Unreal Engine Builds & Unreal Game Sync

In course 8, learn how to create custom Unreal Engine editor builds and how to store them in a Perforce Helix Core repository. You’ll learn how to install and use Perforce Unreal Game Sync and the basics of Helix Core and Unreal integrations. We’ll break down the benefits of managing Unreal Engine files in Helix Core and show how it streamlines collaboration.


Get Virtual Production Tools The Pros Use

Get started using the version control system trusted by top virtual production studios. The Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack gives you Helix Core version control, Helix Swarm code review, and Helix Plan project management, all in one cloud-ready package.