Learn How 6 Companies Improved Development After Migrating from SVN

Are your developers wasting time waiting around for files or diagnosing merge conflicts?

What about your admins? Are they tied up with dips in performance or attempting to piece together an unruly code base?

You Are Not Alone

The struggle to overcome Subversion (SVN) obstacles is real.

  • “I got to watch firsthand as SVN’s projects grew to several GBs of versioned source control. This caused the wheels to fall off the cart.”
  • “Commits, merges, force gets, you name it — in SVN, operations took 15 minutes instead of three with Helix Core.”
  • “Subversion support was just Google and tears. Helix support is awesome.”
  • “We needed a system that would help us monitor asset changes and recover lost data without a lot of lost man-hours.”

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