Game Development Best Practices eBook

Tomorrow's Games.
Today's Workflows.

The quest for progress continually disturbs the status quo. Game developers and artists to have to push past their comfort zones if they want to innovate. They have to go into uncharted territory to create revolutionary games and technology of the future.

But all this innovation? It requires a first-class version control platform. Developers, artists, and build managers need a single source of truth for digital assets.

Game Industry’s Biggest Names Reveal Strategies for Success

Get valuable insights from Epic Games, CD PROJEKT RED, The Chinese Room, and Cloud Imperium Games. Learn how they leverage tools like Helix Core – the version control system from Perforce – to:

  • Store, version, organize, and monitor large, binary assets
  • House technical and creative design under one system
  • Manage the complexity of distributed development teams
  • Implement granular file access and IP security
  • Integrate with third-party tools
  • Use processes to monitor change, trigger tests, and automate fixes from a single source
  • Enhance DevOps initiatives that drive faster production

In this eBook, the gaming industry’s biggest names reveal their strategies for success. Whether you’re at a gaming start-up and large studio, you can identify the pitfalls and overcome the challenges of modern game development.