Virtual production has many moving parts. Between the dozens of content creation tools any given team uses, the number of people and teams working on a project, and the sheer number and size of digital files that go into a final production, there is a lot to manage.

For a production to be completed on time and with the high level of quality expected, you need to have tight control of digital assets, teams, and workflows. That’s where version control comes in.

Version Control in Virtual Production eBook Mockup

Download the eBook to Learn the Key Benefits of Version Control for Virtual Production

In this eBook, learn the key benefits of Helix Core version control, as told by innovative production studios: Dimension Studio, Silver Spoon, Final Pixel, and HaZ Film. Discover how they use Helix Core to streamline their virtual production pipelines and:

  • Collaborate smarter
  • Make quick changes to creative
  • Secure their creative assets
  • Take more risks and innovate more