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What You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Up to 5 users and 20 workspaces on Helix Core.
  • 12-month free tier on AWS.
  • A free technical guide to help you get started faster: Best Practices For Deploying Helix Core on AWS.

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How Helix Core + AWS Will Help You


Work Faster

Version everything. Reduce roadblocks. Without slowing down systems.

Innovate More

Collaborate better. Reuse assets. And free up time to innovate.

Grow Together

Helix Core scales as you grow. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to integrate tools such as Unreal.

Customer Use Case: How a Virtual Reality Studio Uses Helix Core + AWS

A virtual reality studio needed to be able to collaborate quickly with teams spread around the world (including with other studios). Even though their team has technical expertise, they have no IT department or servers in their office — and wanted to keep it that way. So, they decided to use Helix Core and AWS.

With AWS, Helix Core can be hosted on a high-performance server in an AWS facility (cloud data center) close to the studio. Their team utilized the Best Practices for Deploying Helix Core on AWS guide to architect an optimal configuration of AWS-resident servers, networking, storage, and security.

This configuration included automation of backup and disaster recovery processes. Helix Core’s advanced replication technology — coupled with AWS services — makes it easy to spin up additional servers in the AWS cloud when needed. This makes it easy to serve demanding projects with large assets on tight deadlines.

It also makes it easy for the studio to serve the needs of contractors and partners collaborating on projects. Whether they are across the country or in another part of the world, it’s like everyone is working in the same room.

Image AWS Studio Pack Case Study

Helix Core and AWS Integrate With Amazon Lumberyard, Too

Helix Core and AWS both have integrations with the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. This enables you to build great games using Lumberyard, version everything in Helix Core, and deploy it all on AWS.

How Lumberyard integrates with Helix Core >>

Why Studios Choose Helix Core

Build games using the industry standard for version control. Helix Core has everything you need to version everything, accelerate development, and create the world's best games.

Performance at Scale

Whether you're an indie startup or AAA game dev studio, Helix Core is the best version control for massive files, 10s of thousands of users, 10s of millions of daily transactions, 100s of terabytes of data, and 10,000+ concurrent commits.


Single Source of Truth For Everyone On Your Team

Helix Core is your one source of truth for the whole studio. Helix Core stores everything — code, digital assets, binary files, and more — all in one spot. Every team member — developer, designer, artist, etc. — can stay on track. 


Collaboration For Devs — and Artists

Collaboration is the name of the game. So, let your developers and artists version easily. Helix Core makes it easy for everyone to collaborate on files — from within their preferred tools (including PhotoShop).

Why Studios Choose AWS

Build games using the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud. AWS has everything you need to build faster, operate smarter, and create computationally ridiculous games.

Any Workload. Any Platform. Anything.

Whether you're building an FPS, MOBA, or something there's no acronym for yet, AWS is like a secret dev team you never knew you had. Charge ahead with AWS managed services, or build your own custom solutions.


Scale That Would Otherwise Break the Internet

With more types and sizes of compute instances than anyone, AWS continues to be the industry’s standard for game servers, security, and performance. Give your players a memorable experience for the right reasons.


Innovation — and Fun

 A new generation of games has emerged, creating new requirements for devs. Whether it’s ultra-low latency applications for 5G devices or procedural speech for NPCs, AWS is obsessed with inventing what’s next for your players.

Who Uses Helix Core?

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