The team at Luna continues to grow. But they’re staying fast and lean with Hansoft.

They’ve scaled agility to respond to the marketplace. Throughout the transformation, which can be daunting, they were able to evaluate and test several scalable frameworks, before landing confidently on what works best for them. And they didn’t have to change tools every time they tried a new method.

They’re now using their OWN way of working. It’s built from various elements of several frameworks that best applied to their context. Now, they have flexibility, alignment, security and results. All at scale.

Let’s look at how teams can apply the Scaled Agile Framework and Large-Scale Scrum in Hansoft — for their own experimentation.


SAFe is popular framework for scaling Agile across large organizations. Here, we’ll cover Portfolio SAFe with a focus on team, program, and portfolio levels. Though, with Hansoft, you can apply any SAFe configuration you want.

With Hansoft, SAFe teams synchronize and deliver on cadence — all in one view. And they do it productively by working their own way. Some use scrum. Others use Kanban. Each team can break down their own sprint backlog in Hansoft to the level of detail they need.

Team members use the To-List sorted by priority to update progress on a daily basis. 


At the program level, SAFe teams align through two primary artifacts: program increments and program backlogs. Program Increments are common milestones tracked on the timeline. A joint Program Board built in Hansoft simplifies program increment planning & collaboration.


Whether for features or enablers, decision makers can, see team dependencies. Add risks. And make assessments before beginning the next increment.


Use Hansoft’s Product backlog view to structure your joint Program Backlog by Product Increment objectives and teams. Product Owners get a great workspace for managing their backlogs together. To backlog items, they can apply SAFe’s recommended Weighted Shortest Job First prioritization.

You can also coordinate multiple Programs with a Portfolio Backlog. On a higher-level, it connects Strategic themes, Epics, and Enablers with Program activities.

Finally, with Hansoft’s powerful dashboards you get all the metrics and dashboards you need. You’ll see concrete results on your portfolio of products and their development flow.


Large-scale Scrum – or LeSS for short – is a framework for organizations that want to implement Scrum with 2-8 teams. More than 8 teams? There’s LeSS Huge. Hansoft handles both easily. In fact, it’s been used in LeSS implementations of thousands of users!


With Hansoft’s single Product Backlog, you can define, organize, and delegate all of the work required to deliver a product.

LeSS Huge practitioners can structure by feature areas and delegate each feature area to its area product owner.

With the Priority View plus the View Selected Only, area product owners can estimate, refine, and ensure that high-priority items have the right granularity.


Click over to the Agile planning view. Teams are associated to a feature area in the planning view. Each team has their own workspace to work with SCRUM, and can do their sprint planning, retrospectives right from Hansoft. With visual user allocations, there’s little overcommitting. Teams work simultaneously while everything updates in real time.

Whether SAFe, LeSS, another framework, or a custom version, Hansoft provides a single, intuitive solution to implement Agile at scale. And, with integrations to popular tools, you won’t have to overhaul your tooling ecosystem. Scaling agile successfully always comes with challenges. Don’t make it more complex with poor tooling.


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