Helix Sync is the Helix Core desktop client designed just for creatives.

Artists and designers can quickly and efficiently version assets, without needing to learn any new tools.

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to version any asset, without added complexity.

Helix Sync is a web-based client that connects to a local folder on your desktop. Behind the scenes, you’ll need to install Helix Sync on your server and set up a workspace in Helix Visual Client, P4V.

If you’re a creative, you just need the server location to get started.

Open Helix Sync, enter your information, and click connect.

We can see here all the assets in our workspace.

We’ll make a quick change and save the file.

Click upload changes to save the file to the server and make changes available for everyone on your team.

You can use this local folder to drag and drop new files to add them into Helix Core version control.

Not a Helix Core customer? You can try Helix Core and Helix Sync free for up to five users.

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