Whether you’re developing highly complex products or you’re in a highly regulated industry – or perhaps both – achieving end-to-end traceability is critical. Tracking each development artifact across your workflow is essential to minimize risk, ensure compliance, and build the best products possible.

Yet even with an ALM tool that provides traceability, it can be difficult to understand the complex web of relationships and dependencies between requirements, test cases, issues, and other items unique to your process. Helix ALM’s Visual Traceability feature changes that.  

Join Gerhard Kruger, Perforce Senior Director of Sales Engineering for Helix ALM, to learn:

  • Why tracking the relationships between all items in your workflow is critical to ensure product quality and safety – and an on-time delivery.
  • Why a dynamic picture of these relationships is worth 1000 words when it comes to understanding dependencies and the impact of change.
  • How Helix ALM’s Visual Traceability feature gives you a comprehensive, holistic view of all items tracked across your workflow, the relationships between them, and their current status – at a glance. 

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Image Author Gerhard Krüger

Gerhard Krüger

Senior Director of Sales Engineering, Perforce Software

Gerhard Kruger is a Senior Director of Sales Engineering at Perforce Software. Since 2004, he has been helping customers around the world implement Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps solutions to achieve their development goals. Gerhard is leveraging that experience in his role leading product development for Helix ALM. He holds numerous certifications, including the Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP) and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM).