For the past 10+ years, semiconductor design has moved from a project-based "start again" mindset to a more modular, "IP-centric" approach.

This has significantly reduced project cost and improved time-to-market by encouraging the outsourcing of niche areas of the design to specialists, enabling the use of foundry sourced IP (often for free) and emphasizing the reuse of internal IPs from other projects.

This modern component-based approach has been critical as the industry tries to maintain margins in the face of increasing complexity and manufacturing costs.

Join Simon Butler, founder of Methodics Inc., as he details how Methodics IPLM's hierarchical dependency management enables and maximizes IP reuse with discussion of:

  • Rich meta-management
  • Conflict handling
  • Hierarchical permissions management
  • Rollup reporting 
  • And other features that enable best-in-class, enterprise-scale modular design practices


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Simon Butler

Simon Butler

Simon Butler was founder and CEO of Methodics Inc, acquired by Perforce in 2020, and is currently the General Manager of the Methodics Business unit at Perforce. Methodics created IPLM as a new business segment in the enterprise software space to service the needs of IP and component based design. Simon has 30 years of IC design and EDA tool development and specializes in product strategy and design.