Development trends in air and ground transport software are changing, which is leading many to look for ways to deliver software systems at speed while ensuring compliance. The industry shift to interconnected communication, autonomous navigation and other management systems are making software development standards more important than ever.

Critical software systems require high levels of compliance to industry standards so that safety and reliability can be ensured. The most efficient and effective solution is to use a certified static analysis tool. 

In this webinar, Jill Britton, Director of Compliance at Perforce, and John Chapman, Consulting Manager at Perforce Software, will reveal how to implement effective static analysis, meet industry security standards and follow the latest coding guidelines.

Watch to find out:

  • What considerations should you make for developing interconnected transportation systems.
  • Which standards for transportation you need to know (e.g., DO-178C, ISO 26262).
  • Which coding guidelines for standards requirements are important (e.g., MISRA, CERT, DISA-STIGS).
  • Why static code analysis is essential to delivering safe and secure systems.

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