In this webinar, Brent Schiestl, Senior Director of Product Management at Perforce Software, will walk you through new Helix Core Cloud features and updates.  

As Helix Core Cloud gains popularity with teams across industries, learn how we’ve made it even better, what we’re building next, and the simple steps to getting started with cloud-based versioning. We’ll cover:

  • How Helix Core Cloud works – including which configurations are handled by Perforce.
  • Much-anticipated updates, like multi-region support and expanded storage (up to 32TiB).
  • A preview of what’s up next on the Helix Core Cloud roadmap.
  • How to subscribe, add and remove seats, and start versioning in the tool today.

Get Started with Scalable Version Control for Teams Under 50

Ready to launch turnkey, scalable version control? Get started with Helix Core Cloud on Microsoft Azure.


Brent Schiestl

Brent Schiestl

Senior Director of Product Management, Perforce Software

Brent oversees the version control portfolio at Perforce. He loves being at the intersection of customers and software development teams, especially when there are hard problems to solve. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, staying active, and anything that has to do with the sport of hockey.