If your team’s projects involve thousands or millions of files, limitations of your versioning system should not dictate how you set up your branches or make you think twice about implementing methodologies such as “branch per feature” and “branch per bug.”

Enter Helix Core’s soon-to-launch Sparse Streams: a new way to achieve lightweight branching. This highly-anticipated feature in Helix Core will enable your team to add new branches instantly, while also significantly reducing the amount of metadata produced. Sparse Streams solves the need for lightweight branching for both development and release scenarios and offers benefits like increased developer velocity and lower data storage requirements.

In this sneak peek of the upcoming Helix Core 2024.1 release, Senior Director of Product Management Brent Schiestl will provide a demo of Sparse Streams. Join us to see what sets Sparse Streams apart from other branching options in Helix Core, and learn how this lightweight branching option can help you:

  • Design development and release processes in Helix Core.
  • Instantly add new branches regardless of how many files reside in the parent branch.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of data stored per branch. 


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Brent Schiestl

Brent Schiestl

Senior Director of Product Management, Perforce Software

Brent oversees the version control portfolio at Perforce. He loves being at the intersection of customers and software development teams, especially when there are hard problems to solve. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, staying active, and anything that has to do with the sport of hockey.