What would your team accomplish if your creatives could find, share, review, and version all their art assets faster? The average game dev team’s creative process is messy, and that’s why Perforce recently launched a tool just for artists and designers: Helix DAM. Join Perforce Director of Product Marketing Katie Cole and Senior Solutions Engineer Jackie Garcia as they discuss how Helix DAM lets your team do all of the above, plus:

  • Streamline the creative workflow
  • Save time & money
  • Secure creative IP
  • Maximize every asset

Plus, learn from Miika Perkola, Tech Art Director at Stillalive Studios, why their team chose Helix DAM for digital asset management and how they plan to implement it in their upcoming projects.

If you are interested in trying Helix DAM for yourself, sign up to get access to our sandbox for 14 days. There is no commitment and set up necessary.


Katie Cole Headshot — 250x250

Katie Cole

Gaming Evangelist and Director of Product Marketing for Helix Core, Perforce

Katie is a product and marketing strategist who has spent over a dozen years helping high-tech companies get their solutions into the hands of the people who need them most.

Jackie Garcia is a Senior Solution Engineer at Perforce Software

Jackie Garcia

Senior Solutions Engineer, Perforce Software

Jackie is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Perforce Software. She helps customers when they have technical questions, assists with Proof of Concepts, and conducts demos of the Helix Core product suite. She has worked in the hardware and software industry in multiple capacities: Configuration Management Engineer, Release Engineering, Technical Support, and Bios Developer. She has experience working with many version control systems such as Helix Core,  Git, ClearCase, VSS, and PVCS.

Miika Perkola, stillalive studios

Miika Perkola

TechArt Director, stillalive studios

Miika Perkola is a game dev veteran with over 10 years of experience. He has an engineering degree in Game Dev Tech and has Co-Founded a game studio. Through out the years he has honed a wide range of different skills as well as an astounding leadership competence. Working intensely with Unreal Engine he has acquired vast knowledge and understanding of the game engine’s inner workings. Now he holds the position of TechArt Director at stillalive bringing all his know-how to bear.