Louisiana State University (LSU) and tech solutions provider Sev1Tech are taking on a tremendous challenge: creating digital twin of NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans using real-time technology. This digital twin enables NASA to create data-driven models that replace time and cost intensive real-world design testing — and they’re using Unreal Engine and Perforce Helix Core to build it.

On Wednesday, February 7, don’t miss this behind the scenes look at how these teams are digitally replicating the NASA facility behind the mission that will someday send the first astronauts to Mars.
Ryan Maffesoli, Solutions Engineer at Perforce, will be joined by Greg Porter, Senior Systems Architect at Sev1Tech and Marc Aubanel, Director of Digital Media Arts & Engineering at LSU to discuss:

  • Use cases for the digital twin, such as real time location of components, environmental conditions testing, and AR-based job instruction.
  • Using Unreal Engine to build real-time 3D environments.
  • Creating a secure and scalable single source of truth for iterating on 3D environments using Helix Core.
  • Creating a “digital thread” to connect and secure all data in the cloud. 

Build a Foundation for Digital Twin Development

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Ryan Maffesoli

Ryan Maffesoli

Solutions Engineer, Perforce Software

Ryan Maffesoli is an experienced Software Solutions Architect with 20 years of experience in software development. Working as a pipeline developer with Method Studios he is experienced in the VFX space as well as the Automotive and Manufacturing sectors. Currently, he is the Helix Core Solutions Engineer. Maffesoli holds a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art & Design from the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg.

Greg Porter

Greg Porter

Senior Systems Architect, Sev1Tech

Greg Porter is a Senior Systems Architect at Sev1Tech. Since October 2021, he has led the Artificial Intelligence team as well as the company’s Digital Twin and Digital Thread efforts. For more than 12 years, Greg Porter has been a noteworthy leader in the IT industry. Prior to Sev1Tech, he was a Senior Systems Architect at Geocent, leading data analytics for logistics and Hadoop cluster projects, and Senior Big Data Administrator at Honeywell FM&T, where he was responsible for Big Data infrastructure design, configuration, installation, and security. Greg Porter has been honored with multiple Innovator of the Year awards for his contributions to Sev1Tech and, formerly, Geocent. He holds a master’s degree in Data Analytics from Western Governors University.

Marc Aubanel

Marc Aubanel

Director of Digital Media Arts & Engineering, LSU

Marc Aubanel, is a preeminent Executive Producer and Academic Director with over 31 years experience encompassing 5 academic programs and 50 interactive titles for a combined revenue of over one billion dollars. An inspiring leader established at building, coaching and motivating teams to produce innovative interactive experiences. Marc was an Executive Producer and VP at Electronic Arts, leading the FIFA franchise during its formative years. Marc also had to honor to lead NHL Hockey, Need for Speed, Triple Play Baseball, Def Jam Vendetta and Marvel Nemesis. Marc is currently the founding director of the LSU Digital Media Arts & Engineering program.