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Integrating Semiconductor Developers and Designers

Semiconductor companies are developing the components that are driving our connected word. To meet this demand, they need tools that ensure all stakeholders can collaborate – from hardware designers and software developers, to manufacturing engineers and business managers.

Helix Core is a powerful and versatile system that improves designer and engineer productivity by providing a secure, fast, and scalable way to manage, version, and distribute design data.

Integrating Semiconductor Developers and Designers

Why Does Your Team Need Version Control?

Version control is something that software teams have been using for years, but is relatively new to IC designers. Why? Because most systems can’t natively handle the large number of files associated with IPs and analog chip design files.

This is why companies like Samsung – and almost all of the leading semiconductor companies – use Helix Core. It manages all files – regardless of type, size, and quantity.

Plus it fits right into your existing workflow, from design to tapeout. Connect Helix Core to your custom tooling through APIs, SDKs, and out-of-the-box integrations such as Methodics Percipient and Versic, and MathWorks Matlab / Simulink.


Why Semiconductor Companies Choose Helix Core

Control access with granular security


Maintain an immutable history of changes

Support large analog and digital IC designs, along with software

Share designs and IPs around the globe

Maintain a permanent, easily accessible archive of designs

How NVIDIA Manages 600 Million Files

400,000+ Users Strong

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Unite Hardware + Software

Reuse IPs across your teams (and start accelerating).


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