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April 20, 2020

Happy Together: Automated App Testing + Traceability

Application Lifecycle Management

If you build apps, you might use software automation testing tools to improve your test coverage and continuous testing.

If you need traceability, you may use a solution that automatically links your requirements, issues, and tests so that you don’t have to rely on manual tracking.

But what if you need test executions on wmeb and mobile platforms to run at scale while enabling traceability back to the test case and requirements?

With the right integration, you can make this seamless.

Automating Software Testing and End-to-End Traceability

While you may not be able to find one tool to automate testing and provide a traceability matrix, you can pair tools that work together as one.

Perforce has two products that integrate to do just that.

App Automation and Other Automated Testing

Perfecto is a cloud-based testing platform for web and mobile testing. It provides expansive test coverage and continuous testing to find and fix bugs faster. You’ve the ability to run automated test scripts against your chosen platform, or manual tests against a real device or browser. It allows you to perform continuous testing at scale in a single infrastructure. And it provides seamless integration with CI and frameworks like Selenium and Appium.

Tracing Requirements, Issues, and Testing

Helix ALM enables end-to-end traceability for your team’s requirements, test cases, and issues. It allows you to store requirements (or user stories, tasks or issues) and link test cases to them. Within a single platform, you not only see your requirements, but also know the pass/fail status of test cases, and whether a bug or ticket was created when something goes wrong. It creates a trace matrix and other reports to provide and end-to-end view.

Perfecto + ALM = So Happy Together

So how can you have it all? This short video will demonstrate how easy it is to:

  • View the status of your automated and manual test results in Helix ALM.
  • Access Perfecto Smart Reporting reports through a link in Helix ALM dashboards.



If you don’t already have Perfecto and/or Helix ALM, you can try them for free.

Simplify traceability now     Find and fix bugs faster