June 24, 2011

Helix TCM Best Practices

Application Lifecycle Management
Test Management

If you’re new to Helix TCM (formerly TestTrack TCM) or already use it, and want to learn better ways to manage your testing process, check out the Helix TCM Best Practices. This document covers:

  • How Helix TCM items map to items from your manual test case management process.
  • Suggestions for creating test suites and test run sets for better organization and meaningful reporting.
  • When to create test cases and generate test runs.
  • How to rerun failed tests.
  • How to prepare for testing future releases.
  • Which reports and live charts can help you accurately measure the progress of your testing effort.

Additional best practices were recently added for enhancements introduced in Helix TCM 2017.0, including new project options that can help you ensure tests meet compliance requirements or that your testing process is followed, and the ability share test case steps to maximize reuse.