August 5, 2015

Check Out What’s New in the Tutorial Video Library


Have you checked out the Tutorial Video Library lately? We have both new and updated videos posted, and you can now download any or all of our videos for offline viewing.

We've updated all the videos in the Using the Helix Visual Client - P4V course. To make viewing more convenient, the videos are now in 3-5 minute bite-sized segments, are topic specific, and refer to the P4V 2014.3 interface.

There’s also a new course targeted towards graphic artists called Versioning for Designers. These videos explain how to version your digital assets, diff images using P4Merge, and use the P4GT plug-in from within graphics applications.

You'll also find an in-depth tutorial video called Distributed Versioning that explains how to use Helix distributed versioning to collaborate using a central repository while simultaneously having your own disconnected personal repository.

And, as I mentioned above, we’ve also added the ability to download individual videos. So if you prefer to not stream videos or you’d like to keep any of our tutorials to share or watch offline, click the “Download” link on any video and you’re all set!

Take a look and let us know what you think, or request specific topics at We’d love to hear from you!