July 26, 2013

Checking Up on the 2013 Medical Device Development Survey

At the beginning of last month, we announced the 2013 State of Medical Device Development survey, sponsored by Seapine Software. So far, over 280 developers who work with Class I, II, and III medical devices have shared their insights about key metrics, the methods and tools they use, and the problems they face. The 2013 State of Medical Device Development survey delves into the product development process, examining what key metrics are used to track progress and which tasks consume the most time. Respondents are asked to identify the information or insights they wish they could gain better visibility into, as well as the roadblocks preventing them from improving their development processes. The survey explores design, risk, and quality control topics—how these areas are managed, analyzed, and traced—before turning to the commercial tools used in the development process. The survey covers requirements, test cases, and artifacts, too—how they are managed, which ones are tracked, and which are the most difficult to manage. Also, respondents are asked about proving compliance. What is the most difficult item to prove? How do you provide objective evidence with test cases, or verify that they were completed? These and other questions explore the topic of traceability matrices, including how they are created, what is traced, how they are kept updated, and more. The goal is gain a better picture of the medical device development process and its challenges, and how developers are overcoming common roadblocks. Everyone taking the survey will get a free copy of the final report, so they can see how they stack up against their peers. All responses are kept anonymous, but there's an optional entry form at the end of the survey for a sweepstakes for those who wish to register to win an iPad Mini or one of two $100 Amazon gift cards. If you haven't yet taken the 2013 State of Medical Device Development survey, take it now!

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