February 13, 2013

Defect Scribe increases teams’ productivity by removing their least valuable work

Helix ALM
We've just launched a new tool that can make your manual testing more efficient and result in higher quality defect reports, with less effort! Defect Scribe enables software testers to increase their manual testing efficiency while generating better bug reports.
  • Capture application screenshots and user actions
  • Add notes and comments on the fly
  • Edit steps to reproduce before bug submission.
By recording every action a tester performs, you can be sure that a record of even the most unstructured exploratory testing is recorded, and kept. Even the best QA Engineer can get lax when documenting a complex bug, and leave out steps they don't consider important or assume everyone knows. Defect Scribe is watching in the background and documents the steps in standard English statements. Watch the short overview video below to see everything Defect Scribe has to offer! https://youtu.be/7c-cvaasidA