December 21, 2018

Get to Know Vishal K. Arora, VP of Software Engineering

Life at Perforce

A few months ago, Vishal K. Arora joined the Perforce team as the Vice President of Software Engineering. I recently got to sit down with Vishal to learn more about his background and the experience he brings to Perforce.

Chuck Gehman: What Were You Doing Before You Came to Perforce?

Vishal K. Arora: I’ve worked in software product development and product management for over two decades. The experience has helped me figure out where business needs and requirements converge with engineering best practices to deliver delightful, sustainable, customer-centric products.

Before joining Perforce, I was leading software product development teams for Entrust Datacard, a leading company in financial card issuance and security.

CG: Why Did You Choose Software Engineering as a Career?

VA: Programming has been a passion for me since childhood. There are so many opportunities in this field that let you see and feel the impact of your work on real-world problems. This made it an exciting proposition for me to take on computer science and engineering in college.

CG: What Attracted You to Work at Perforce?

The leadership, the high-energy workplace environment, motivated colleagues, and collaborative and innovative culture are what drew me to work at Perforce. – Vishal K. Arora

CG: What Do You Enjoy About Working at Perforce?

VA: What I enjoy most is the DevOps story! It has recently gained market currency, but the practices have been core to good software development for a long time. Perforce has deep DevOps expertise, and we have strengthened our portfolio with new acquisitions that make us one of the leading companies in the space.

CG: What Are You Working On Now?

VA: At Perforce, we’re in the business of making software development processes stronger and better with enterprise-class tools and best practices. We are developers creating tools for developers, including ourselves.

Perforce has amazing technology and engineering talent, and much of it has come in through acquisitions. I am working on bringing teams together to deliver our compelling, enterprise DevOps at scale vision to our customers. For me, this is the most exciting thing about working at Perforce.

CG: What Do You Hope to Accomplish at Perforce?

VA: My goal at Perforce is to use our collaborative and innovative culture to do what we do best — drive best practices and create world-class development tools. I want to continue creating innovative solutions for our customers.

As a leader, my focus is on profitable growth. I hope to increase business profitability and bring our new acquisitions into the fold to create a strong business that tells a compelling story.

CG: Where Do You Get Your Best Ideas?

VA: I believe that ideas are all around us. They appear in interactions with people, in quiet moments, out in nature — everywhere.

We are both our own customer and our own worst critic; we’re always striving to make things better. Since we build tools for developers and use those tools, interactions with customers, our own developers, peers, and industry colleagues are a great source of ideas.

CG: Do You Have Talents or Interests That Most People Don’t Know About?

VA: I’m a world history enthusiast.

I love learning about the evolution of cultures, countries, and values. Often, this evolution occurred in the midst of conflict and chaos.

We are living in a world where there is constant change and technological innovations. Lessons from history give me insights to navigate current technology transformation.

CG: What Is Your Favorite Thing to Do in Your Free Time?

VA: I like to spend time with my two teenage daughters. I hang out with them and get involved in their hobbies and interests, whether it’s robotics or music.

I love to talk with them and learn about what’s happening in their lives. I grew up in a family of boys, so my daughters offer a perspective that does not come naturally to me. It’s amazing to watch them grow and mature.

CG: Who Has Been The Biggest Influence on Your Life And Why?

I’ve always believed in Gandhi’s message, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That single statement sums up my attitude and how I approach life. – Vishal K. Arora

VA: More recently, professionally there has been another influence — Mark Ties, the CEO and President of Perforce Software. Since I’ve started working for Perforce, I’ve come to admire Mark’s clear and energizing vision for Perforce. He keeps the entire workforce motivated while meeting and exceeding business goals. His leadership, especially in building a “people first” culture is inspiring for me, both as an employee and as a leader at Perforce.

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