October 29, 2015

INVISION Finds Their Agile Match in TestTrack

Helix ALM

Leading provider of multi-platform advertising sales software is committed to development agility and product innovation—TestTrack helps them keep that commitment.

When INVISION, a provider of advertising sales management software for media companies, made the switch from Waterfall to Scrum in 2010, they were serious about embracing the spirit of Agile. Serving the fast-paced media industry, the company takes product innovation and the trust of their clients seriously. So, they were disappointed when the first application lifecycle management (ALM) tool they chose to support their Agile process just couldn’t keep pace with the need for continuous improvement that drives INVISION’S development teams. Just a few years after they had made the switch to Scrum, INVISION hit a wall with the limitations of their Agile ALM tool. What’s more, the multitude of development tools they were using simultaneously—SharePoint, Excel, Access databases, customer service tools, and so on—were causing redundancy, frustration, and confusion among teams. INVISION CIO John Parks decided it was time to choose a new Agile ALM tool, but ideally one that could streamline their development processes and tools, while clearing the road for future adaptability. That would be a tall order to fill. Or so it seemed. INVISION’S search for a new ALM solution included a re-assessment of their current tool, other third-party software, and TestTrack. INVISION had been using TestTrack for years, but simply as a replacement for defect tracking spreadsheets. The in-depth re-assessment of TestTrack surprised Parks—it became clear to him that the answer to INVISION’S Agile ALM roadblocks and tool redundancies was already on site. Read the customer story to learn more.