Secure Code Warrior Integration
November 24, 2021

High Quality, Secure Code Starts with Klocwork + Secure Code Warrior

Security & Compliance
Static Analysis

Software security breaches pose a major safety and security threats. However, writing high quality, secure code can be a challenge without the right tools and knowledge.

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Secure Code Warrior Tutorial

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Why Writing Secure Code Is Difficult

One of the simplest explanations for why it is difficult to write secure code is that developers do not have a clear understanding of the code compliance and guidelines. In fact, an estimated 90% of software security problems are caused by coding errors, according to a DHS Cyber Security report.

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What Is Secure Code Warrior?

Secure Code Warrior is an integrated platform that provides secure coding training and tools that helps shift developer focus from vulnerability reaction to prevention. By using a combination of training courses and tournaments, Secure Code Warrior enables developers to gain the knowledge and skills to fix security vulnerabilities β€” ensuring they are less likely to be repeated in the future.

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What Is Klocwork?

Klocwork is one of the most trusted static code analysis and SAST tools for C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin. Built for enterprise DevOps and DevSecOps, Klocwork scales to projects of any size as well as seamlessly integrates with large complex environments and a wide range of developer tools.

With its differential analysis, Klocwork has become the preferred solution for maintaining a high development velocity while also enforcing continuous compliance for security and quality. In addition, Klocwork is unique in that it can handle huge codebases β€” such as Android AOSP and Unreal Engine.

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The Benefits of Using Secure Code Warrior with Klocwork

Developers can deliver secure code by connecting relevant Secure Code Warrior resources to the security vulnerabilities that are detected by a SAST tool β€” like Klocwork β€” running within their desktop tools or as part of the CI/CD pipelines. This makes software security an intrinsic part of the software development life cycle.

As software security is a leading concern for every industry, the adoption of a culture of secure development throughout the software development life cycle is the first β€” and most important β€” line of defense.

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How Secure Code Warrior Works with Klocwork Tutorial

Every Klocwork user automatically has access to the Secure Code Warrior integration without having to set up or install anything. This tutorial explains how the integration works and why it is so beneficial.

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Example of How Secure Code Warrior Works with Klocwork

Here is an example of how Secure Code Warrior works with Klocwork.

1. Detect CWE 476 Issue in IDE and link to help.

Secure Code Warrior Example 1

2. View Help for CWE 476 Issue RNPD.CALL.

Secure Code Warrior Example 2

3. Scroll down in Help to External Guidance and Security Training.

Secure Code Warrior Example 3

4. Link out to Common Weakness Enumeration online documents.

Secure Code Warrior Example 4

5. Link out to Secure Code Warrior training video.

Secure Code Warrior Example 5

6. Link out to Secure Code Warrior training example for CWE 476.

Secure Code Warrior Example 7

7. Link out to Secure Code Warrior training examples dashboard.

Secure Code Warrior Example 6
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Get Started: Secure Code Warrior and Klocwork

Together, Secure Code Warrior and Klocwork provide developers with a simplified, seamless way to access the necessary software security training while also maintaining code development velocity.

What’s more, every Klocwork user has access to Secure Code Warrior, so register for a free trial today.

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