October 28, 2014

Live Webinar with Gene Kim - DevOps Done Right


DevOps Done Right Webinar with Gene Kim

The How and Why of Versioning Environment Artifacts

If you have ever been tasked with figuring out how to deal with large sets of files or large binaries in a version control system, you’ve probably had problems with performance, reliability and scalability. While there are workarounds that can address some of these issues, the workarounds introduce their own complexity that can be difficult to implement and support.

Gene Kim has talked many times (most recently at PuppetConf 2014) about the importance of not only versioning source code but other assets, too. Version control is more important than ever as more companies embrace DevOps and Continuous Delivery and Deployment.

On Wednesday October 29th, Perforce is hosting a webinar with Gene Kim, DevOps Done Right: The How and Why of Versioning Environment Artifacts. I’ve both attended and hosted webinars with Gene in the past and they are always informative and fun.

We hope you can join us!