July 21, 2014

REMINDER: Share Your Opinions on the State of Medical Device Development

Over 300 of your peers have provided their insights and opinions on issues affecting innovation, compliance, time to market, and other issues critical to developing tomorrow's medical devices. If you haven't joined them, there's still time to participate in Seapine's 2014 State of Medical Device Development Survey. You can help benchmark the medical device industry by sharing how your team manages core product development artifacts, compliance, and traceability.

What’s keeping you from improving?

The biggest issue preventing teams from improving their product development processes remains the same as 2013: budget. That’s really no surprise, given we’re still on a global economic roller coaster.

It is surprising, however, that the second biggest issue is “overhead involved in validating new tools or processes.” Only 27% total respondents identified it as an issue in 2014, which put it fourth place. This year so far, 47% have selected it.

[caption id="attachment_14641" align="aligncenter" width="300"]What's keeping you from improving? Budget is still the main impediment to process improvement in medical device development.[/caption]

The traceability matrix takes you how long?

Building and maintaining a traceability matrix is often a mandated requirement for gaining regulatory approval to sell a medical device. Unfortunately, traceability matrices can be time-consuming to create and maintain. Most medical device development teams take hours or even days to update a traceability matrix. Are you among the few that can get it done in minutes? Or does it take you even longer?
How long does it take?
It takes most respondents hours or longer to generate a traceability matrix for their project.

Add your voice!

Take the survey today and help us continue to establish benchmarks for the medical device development industry. The survey is open to medical device development professionals through August 31. All participants will be emailed a free copy of the report after the results are tabulated and analyzed. In addition, you'll also be registered for a chance to win a FitBit One, an Amazon Fire TV, or a Withings Wireless Scale. button_takesurvey_242x87