August 8, 2016

Struggling with DevOps? You're Not the First

The concept and applications of DevOps have been buzzing around many organizations and a lot of those organizations have already taken the leap into DevOps practices. This path, despite vague promises of glory at the end of the road, has been daunting for many. Now, however, thanks to those brave enough to dive into the uncharted waters of DevOps, we have warning signs and tales from the battlefield to light our way. From customer experience to toolkits for success, this week Perforce and Forrester Research will share our DevOps secrets with you.
So how can you embark on your DevOps journey, or perfect the road you’re already on? Start by attending our webinar on August 10th and 3:00pm BST and 10:00am PST. 
In this broadcast, we’ll cover everything from the history of DevOps (and what DevOps really means) to unlocking the key to a healthy continuous delivery pipeline, to best practices for significantly improving your customer experience. Not only that, but we’re joined by two “best in the business” presenters: Amy DeMartine, Principal Analyst at Forrester and John Williston, Product Marketing Manager at Perforce.
You don’t want to miss this opportunity to kick those DevOps bad habits and increase your business value with minimal missteps along the way. Join Amy and John tomorrow, and be sure to save your seat!