April 5, 2012

Test Automation with Seapine QA Wizard Pro Gives 5one a Real-Time Advantage

Helix ALM
5one logo5one works with retailers and consumer goods businesses to deliver sales and margin improvements by collecting, storing, and analyzing data from sales strategies and promotions, enabling clients to quickly and easily measure the results of their decisions. In addition to a proprietary database, 5one offers a suite of web-based applications that provide a means of culling and organizing data, enabling the company’s customers to make decisions on the effectiveness of their retail strategies. Customers' applications are also updated almost continuously as customers update their data, tweak existing retail programs, or launch new ones. This means that both functional and regression testing occurs on different schedules for each customer’s deployment. One  of  their  web-based  applications,  Shopper Centre Performance, is an essential tool for retail companies to measure the impact of specific sales strategies and promotions. Due to almost continuous flow of new data into  every customer  account,  5one  found  it  was  no longer able to test the different versions of this application manually, which resulted in many of the testing tasks not being completed. There were simply too many tests to be able to release the different versions of Shopper Centre Performance when needed by the customer. After hearing about Seapine from Robert Scoble, they recently implemented QA Wizard Pro to test Shopper Centre Performance. The ability of QA Wizard Pro to easily turn manual tests into automated ones, and enable nontechnical testers to quickly use automation, helped 5one’s initial automation ef forts move forward quickly. Eventually, enough of the functional tests were automated to be able to use some of them as a part of a regression testing suite, further accelerating the testing process. 5one’s testers are not professional testers; they are analysts and domain experts. Because of QA Wizard Pro's ease of use, the testers didn’t have to be software experts to automate their test suites. Prior to starting test automation with QA Wizard Pro, the company's manual testing processes were falling behind its application delivery schedules. With QA Wizard Pro, 5one now meets their testing requirements within the timeframe required to deliver updates to customers. Download the entire customer story to learn more about how 5one is using QA Wizard Pro.