February 26, 2020

How to Leverage AWS Version Control

Game Development

AWS gives teams speed, flexibility, and cost-savings. Deploying AWS version control allows teams to seamlessly manage digital assets, enhancing collaboration. Learn how.

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Why Use AWS Version Control?

AWS version control is a great option for teams because of elasticity. The sky is the limit for version control on AWS.

Elasticity means the degree to which a system is able to adapt to workload changes by provisioning and de-provisioning resources automatically. This ensures that at each point in time, the available resources match the current demand.

Using version control on AWS also improves security, ensures high availability, and enables collaboration for globally distributed teams. This helps you add speed to your development lifecycle. This is particularly critical in game development, as you strive to ship the next hit game faster.

Of course, there’s a lot to learn about AWS in general. For instance, using AWS CloudFormation for Infrastructure as Code can be useful for provisioning and managing your resources. Getting AWS certified can help you get started faster.

And not all version control will deliver the same benefits. The vast majority of game development teams choose Helix Core for version control. And deploying Helix Core on AWS can deliver greater benefits than using it on an on-premises game server.

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Why Deploy Helix Core for AWS Version Control?

Deploying Helix Core on AWS gives you the best of both worlds: the performance of Helix Core and the ease of deployment of AWS servers.

Helix Core and AWS are truly complementary technologies. That’s why many teams choose to deploy Helix Core on AWS.

Ease of Deployment

You won’t constantly worry about the nuts and bolts of deploying multiple version control systems to serve the increasing demand for game code and binary assets. You can just push a button and you’ll have enough servers available.

You can get some examples of what this deployment might look like in Best Practices for Deploying Helix Core on AWS. This includes examples for a hybrid deployment topology or an AWS exclusive deployment topology.

You can get started by deploying AWS + version control from Perforce in just a few clicks. 


You’ll no longer have a ceiling for how much your game servers can handle. You’ll be able to optimize your configuration for optimal performance. This includes instantly increasing memory, adding CPUs, or adjusting network settings to achieve ideal performance.

Several Helix Core game tech customers have evaluated deploying it on AWS. They wanted to see how moving to AWS would impact performance. And they’ve found it works better and faster than having the server on-premises.


It’s much easier to control security with Helix Core on AWS. You don’t need an old-fashioned firewall (or to put in a ticket to open a firewall).

The best practice guide also provides guidance on configuring security groups for Helix Core. Perforce provides TLS encryption for an extra layer of defense between all version control system nodes.


Integrations with other tools becomes much easier when you’re deploying Helix Core on AWS. Say you want to spin up a new or additional build server using Jenkins. It’s much faster to do this on AWS than when you’re dealing with an on-premises server.

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Plus, Helix Core’s integrations are a big part of why so many game development teams choose Helix Core. It integrates with game engines (Unreal Engine, Unity, Lumberyard), among many others.

AWS Version Control and So Much More

There are a lot of benefits to deploying Helix Core on AWS.

But there’s also a lot to consider. Server topologies. Storage configurations. Instances. Availability Zones. Security group configurations. And so much more.

If you’re considering deploying Helix Core on AWS, check out our technical guide for help: Best Practices For Deploying Helix Core on AWS.

It provides recommendations for implementing and optimizing game development workflows on AWS. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to successfully deploy Helix Core on AWS.

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Get Started with AWS + Version Control

Ready to deploy Helix Core version control on AWS?

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