November 13, 2017

Culture vs. Tools: Which Is the Key to DevOps at Scale?

Version Control

Some will tell you that DevOps is 100 percent about transforming the culture of your organization and others extol the virtues of fantastic new tools that make DevOps possible. 

Which of these is true? Of course, culture is important; if you don’t break down silos and create communication between teams, you will never achieve the benefits that DevOps promises.

But, the same can be said about the tools; without adopting new tools, you won’t be able to achieve automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

According to recent IT industry research, 89 percent of consumers who experience poor service with a brand will leave for a competitor. This is one example of how today’s enterprise is under pressure to digitally transform both customer-facing applications and the foundation on which they are built.

Software Is Driving Product Development, New Revenue Streams, and Customer Reach

In order for companies to elevate their performance and achieve operational goals, software technologies and solutions must take center stage, said Creative Intellect Consultant Analyst Bola Rotibi.“Ask organizations today about their goals for progression and most will outline a journey in which software technologies and solutions drive product and process innovations and empower their workforce,” said Rotibi. “Success in the digital age is predicated on an ability to deliver software at scale.”

For your company to achieve such performance, in both development and operations, it must incorporate changes in leadership, tools, automation, and culture.

DevOps has been recognized by many as the path to solving these problems, but for an organization just starting out, it seems overwhelming. The processes that make up the five stages of continuous – development, testing, integration, delivery, and deployment – have been proven to enable greater automation. But in a large organization, you’ve got to achieve a balance between a best-of-breed approach and a platform solution that offers consistency, management governance, and orchestration.

Expert Advice for Scaling DevOps to the Enterprise

That’s why I was so excited to read CIC’s analyst brief, "Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise: A 10-Point Primer", by Ian Murphy and Bola Rotibi.

It’s a quick read and encapsulates the overarching topics for the enterprise to consider, giving equal time to cultural and technological issues. From dealing with communication challenges to continuously analyzing your existing tools and skillsets in which you’ve invested, CIC takes the perplexity out of scaling DevOps.

The analyst brief also contains a concise, 10-point primer that you can use as you embark on your journey to create your enterprise software factory.

For expert advice on achieving DevOps at scale, read "Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise: A 10-Point Primer".