October 4, 2021

Welcoming BlazeMeter to the Perforce Family

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Test Management

Last week, Perforce announced our 12th acquisition, the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform — a great addition to our DevOps at Scale portfolio. I’d like to welcome the BlazeMeter team to the Perforce family. Throughout our conversations leading up to the acquisition, it was clear that we were dealing with a world-class product, and a world-class team. We are excited to add both to Perforce and look forward to the things we will accomplish together.  

Why Perforce Acquired BlazeMeter

Perforce has always focused on solving some of the hardest challenges in DevOps, and that is exactly what the BlazeMeter team has been doing as well. The platform has thousands of customers, ranging from the largest, most demanding global enterprises; to nimble, quickly evolving small to medium organizations. All these organizations have one thing in common: the need to deliver innovation quickly to maintain a competitive advantage. And to do that, they need to consistently deliver new capabilities that delight customers with quality and performance. This takes mature, scalable, and comprehensive testing solutions, and that’s what the combination of Perforce and BlazeMeter delivers.  

BlazeMeter is unique in the world of testing platforms in that it serves all teams across the SDLC. As teams shift testing left, and do more testing in sprint, we have been informed (sometimes quite bluntly) that our technical testers will not use traditional QA testing tools. They want to test as code, in the IDE. They want to use open source. These teams want to test as they go, with no interruptions to their workflow. BlazeMeter delivers.

At the same time, organizations need a tool that works for their traditional QA teams, so BlazeMeter has a very intuitive UI as well. And now, all these teams can use a single solution for all their testing. They can even share reports and tests — which helps break down silos across the organization. And — having a single solution helps organizations address tool proliferation while letting everyone work the way they want to work. Fantastic.  

Perforce already has a strong application quality portfolio, and BlazeMeter has an existing integration with Perfecto. We will be building on these synergies in the near future, will continue to provide the capabilities that our customers need and expect from the combination of market leaders.  

Stay tuned — there’s much more news on the way.

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