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  • September 16, 2016

    Sign up for Helix Quick Start and use Perforce Helix free for 30 days. 

    Helix in a Hurry

    It’s an exciting time for Perforce. We’re improving the way you interact with our version control software from day one with a new, revamped 30-day Perforce Helix Trial called Helix Quick Start.

    The new trial with Helix Quick Start acknowledges the hurdles IT departments face when evaluating enterprise-grade technologies and expedites the installation experience to facilitate the decision-making process for anyone looking to purchase an SCM solution for their organization.

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  • September 11, 2016

    DevOps Digest 101 Image

    What is DevOps?

    Let’s begin with the obvious question: what exactly is DevOps? Asking this often results in as many answers as there are DevOps experts in the room. The classic tale from Eastern culture of blind men and an elephant seems relevant in explaining why: each one individually touches a different part of the beast and subsequently disagrees sharply over the true nature of the complete reality of the thing as a whole. In the same way, experts focused on different industries and types of projects tend to see DevOps differently, each through the lens of his own particular set of concerns and experiences.

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  • August 26, 2016

    I haven’t done a post on P4Python for a while, so I thought it was time for an update.

    Today I want to talk about triggers, particularly form triggers. Perforce Helix can be customised in many ways, one of which is triggers: programs or scripts executed by the Helix server on certain conditions and controlled by the triggers table.

  • August 22, 2016

    I saw an interesting article recently on how to Accelerate your ClearCase performance, describing how to overcome ClearCase slowness when running continuous integration builds.

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  • August 11, 2016


    Once upon a time, I was enamored with ClearCase.  In 1994 when I first started using it, I’d say it was the best version management system on the planet, the only one at the time that truly understood just how important branching and merging were.  Branching (easy) and merging (not so easy) enable effective collaboration of the efforts of large numbers of software developers.  But over the years, dealing with the excessive complexity and poor performance of ClearCase made it unbearable to use.

  • August 08, 2016
    The concept and applications of DevOps have been buzzing around many organizations and a lot of those organizations have already taken the leap into DevOps practices. This path, despite vague promises of glory at the end of the road, has been daunting for many. Now, however, thanks to those brave enough to dive into the uncharted waters of DevOps, we have warning signs and tales from the battlefield to light our way. From customer experience to toolkits for success, this week Perforce and Forrester Research will share our DevOps secrets with you.
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