Parametric GmbH Caters to Larger Clients With Improved Product Development Using Helix ALM

Parametric customizes their solutions for every customer, which generates a lot of different requirements and dependencies. They needed a reliable way to track everything for each custom development. The traceability of Helix ALM provides dependability and accuracy that allows them to deliver a wide range of competitive solutions to large companies.

Helix ALM gives Parametric:


Full traceability over the entire project life cycle

Impact analysis for changing requirements

Configurability to adapt to individual customer needs

I think what makes the software in the end is the experience that is hidden within it.

You can configure and use the software in any way that you need. That is why we chose to use it.

High Demands in Requirements and Regulations

Parametric GmbH provides high-tech digital solutions and services for smart transport and smart infrastructure applications. They customize their product platforms to the individual requirements of each customer. Catering to industries like aerospace, infrastructure and transport, product requirements can be very specific, and there’s no room for error.

Serving companies in tightly regulated industries, Parametric has to develop products according to both standard regulations and any specific compliance the customer must meet. Consequently, they are frequently audited by their customers.

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Traceability is Key to Their Success

Parametric created their own solution to track requirements. It was based on Microsoft Access and had only very limited traceability. Without a proper way to track the complete workflow between requirements, issues and tests, they risked delivering a product that wasn’t exactly what the client needed.

Additionally, they didn’t have a way to show a customer the full impact of a requirements change. Andreas Koschak, Managing Director at Parametric, commented:

“It’s all about agility. If a customer came along and changed their requirements on the fly, which is something that we have to cope with, you could tell them that the change would propagate and impact other parts of the system, or even cause issues with compliance to regulations. But we weren’t able to actually explain immediately what influence a change in requirements has in terms of test cases or functionality, and to fit the change requests into the concept during the session.”

Having reached the limit on their homegrown solution, they went to the market looking for a tool that could provide the flexibility and traceability they required.

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Configurability — Why They Chose Helix ALM

A web search for solutions lead Parametric to try several applications before deciding on Helix ALM. 

They tested other solutions, which either had a fixed workflow, and didn’t allow Parametric to adapt to how their customers work, or they felt they were too constrained in terms of workflow management. The configurability of Helix ALM allowed them to not only track requirements, but also maintain the customization they are known for.

“It's all about the configurability. You can adapt the software to the way you operate, and that is something that we need. Otherwise, people won’t work
with it.”

Helix ALM also makes work easier for Koschak by giving Parametric full control over the workflow:

“We were looking at some more modern-looking web-based solutions that all say they can do everything. But then you are put into a fixed workflow, and that's something that doesn't work with our customers. We have to adapt to how they work, otherwise they don't use the tools. That’s one thing that really impressed me a lot. Nevertheless, you need the experience to configure the tools the right way to achieve optimal results, and that is our know-how.”

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A Better Tool = Bigger Projects

The traceability of Helix ALM has given Parametric the power to:

  • Track numerous different requirements
  • Manage dependencies 
  • Provide an impact analysis for requested requirements changes 
  • Quickly comply with audits

The configurability of Helix ALM allows Parametric to give each individual customer tools that work the way they do. In turn, customers choose Parametric for additional work. All of these benefits have given the company the ability to sell more complex projects with fewer support issues for their products.

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