How KPIT Develops Compliant Embedded Systems for Tier 1 OEMs

KPIT develops embedded systems for tier 1 automotive OEMs. These include air suspension, anti-lock braking systems, adaptive cruise control, roll stability control, and power steering systems.

Code compliance is critical for KPIT — and they achieve it with Helix QAC for C and C++.

Helix QAC Helps KPIT...

Code in Compliance With MISRA


Ensure Consistent Code Quality

Reduced Code Rework

Reduced code rework by 50%...

"Helix QAC provides our developers with immediate feedback and they now fix most defects as they are introduced. As a result, our code rework after Verification and Validation (V&V) has been reduced by a staggering 50%. This not only saves us money — it also significantly improved our delivery times."


The Challenge: Quality and Compliance

Quality and compliance are critical to KPIT's development teams.

Strict Customer Acceptance Criteria

KPIT's developed code needs to comply with the MISRA standard.

A Growing Product Development Team

KPIT's product development team is growing. They're spread around the world with varied experience levels. So, they need effective tools and processes to maintain consistent code quality.

Code Rework

Compliance testing is part of the final project inspection. That could lead to time-consuming code rework. And that could lead to potential schedule slippages and increased delivery overheads — as well as increased uncertainty and risk. 


The Solution: Helix QAC

KPIT chose Helix QAC, a static code analyzer, to achieve quality and compliance. They use Helix QAC with the MISRA C compliance module across their development teams.

“We quickly realized how good Helix QAC was at identifying coding issues. And that the automation and accuracy of the tool reduced our delivery overhead significantly.

— Samir Kulkarni, Head of Productivity and Functional Excellence at KPIT



The Result: High Quality. Fast Delivery.

“By having our developers produce quality code from the outset — by adopting coding standards and analyzing with Helix QAC — we are delivering consistently high quality code. Our delivery times have improved and so have our profits.”

— Samir Kulkarni, Head of Productivity and Functional Excellence at KPIT


KPIT gained productivity by integrating Helix QAC's analysis into their development process. By using analysis continuously — instead of later stages of verification — they avoid code rework. 

Helix QAC generates data that KPIT now uses to monitor trends. They analyze this data to identify and better understand key metrics, including software quality metrics. 

It's also helped KPIT identify the coding rules that are most frequently violated by developers. They're now feeding this information back into their engineer training programs. This helps KPIT prevent the introduction of these violations in future projects.

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