How Sanei Hytechs Co., Ltd. Uses Helix QAC to Ensure Compliant, Functionally Safe Automotive Software

For nearly 40 years, Sanei Hytechs Co., Ltd. has been a leader in LSI design. Based out of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, Sanei Hytechs is one of the few LSI design companies that supports every part of the development process, including both analog and digital circuit design, and layout and verification. In addition, Sanei Hytechs also produces embedded software and middleware development technology, and IoT solutions.

One of Sanei Hytechs’ areas of design is the development of embedded software for the automotive industry. As their software is used in safety-critical products, it must comply with functional safety standards essential to automotive software development. For that reason, Sanei Hytechs relies on Helix QAC to help ensure that their software is compliant, safe, and reliable.

Helix QAC Helps Sanei Hytechs…

Comply With Industry Coding Standards


Deliver Quality Software (Faster)

Reduce Development Costs

"We had no hesitation in choosing [Helix QAC],

as it was already the de facto static code analysis tool within the automotive industry."


Why Sanei Hytechs Needs Reliable, Compliant Code

Sanei Hytechs develops embedded software for the automotive industry. As their automotive software is used in safety-critical products, it must meet and prove compliance with certain functional safety standards — like ISO 26262 — and comply with MISRA and CERT to ensure that it is safe, secure, and reliable.  

However, as there are are a large number of lines of code in every piece of automotive software, it is a difficult and time-consuming task to conduct manual code reviews. What’s more, manual code reviews are prone to human-error.

To achieve compliance with industry coding standards and ensure the functional safety of their automotive software, Sanei Hytechs needs a tool that:

  • Easily and efficiently verified compliance with industry coding standards, including MISRA and CERT.
  • Identifies defects, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues early in development.
  • Delivers accurate, precise static analysis.

Sanei Hytechs felt that a static code analyzer was the ideal tool for their needs, and an automotive customer of theirs recommended that they use Helix QAC.

Why Sanei Hytechs Chose Helix QAC

Even without their customer’s recommendation, Sanei Hytechs had been considering Helix QAC along with some other static analysis tools . However, they chose Helix QAC as it is seen as the automotive industry preferred solution for MISRA compliance.

How Sanei Hytech Has Benefited From Using Helix QAC

With Helix QAC, Sanei Hytechs has been able to:

  • Accelerate development times.
  • Ensure consistent, reliable, and compliant code.
  • Comply with MISRA and CERT.
  • Improve code quality — reducing time and cost of rework.

In addition, Helix QAC is independently certified for use in the development of safety-critical software, which has enabled Sanei Hytechs to benefit from several of Helix QAC’s distinguishing factors, including:

  • Fully documented rule enforcement and message interpretation.
  • Compliance reports for functional safety audits.
  • Fully configurable rules processing.

“[Helix QAC] has streamlined our verification process, provided proof of accuracy for our code analysis, and improved our enforcement for MISRA and CERT compliance.” — Sanei Hytechs Manager Sugiyama Kimihiko

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