MISRA Compliance for SoC Technology: How Socionext Uses Helix QAC

Socionext was formed by merging the LSI (Large Scale Integration) capabilities of FUJITSU Limited and Panasonic Corporation.

Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, the company designs and develops innovative embedded System-on-a-chip (SoC) technologies for imaging and networking. 

Socionext's SoC technology needs to comply with MISRA® for their automotive partners. And they achieve MISRA compliance by using Helix QAC for C

Helix QAC Helps Socionext...

Detect Important Coding Issues Earlier

Reduce Development Time by 10%


Meet Customer Requirements for MISRA Compliance

Using Helix QAC with MISRA is the defacto benchmark for quality.

"Using Helix QAC with MISRA is the defacto benchmark for quality. It's been adopted throughout the Japanese automotive industry, spanning the complete supply chain from the OEMs right down to the silicon level."


Why Socionext Needs Reliable Code

Socionext’s SoC technology is delivered on chips that are embedded in their customers’ products. It's critical that their software (and hardware) is reliable. It's very difficult to fix any issues once these products are shipped and used out on the field.

Initially, Socionext used manual code reviews to ensure high-quality software and MISRA compliance. But as the number of developers increased — and the team became split across two sites — using manual code reviews became more difficult.

Socionext needed a way to automate code reviews and comply with MISRA. They found it with Helix QAC


Using Helix QAC for SoC Technology

Socionext adopted Helix QAC with the MISRA C:2012 compliance module. 1,300 Helix QAC messages were mapped to Socionext’s 150 internal coding rules that are common across all projects. Plus, Socionext can fine-tune rules for each project — depending on customer requirements.

By using Helix QAC, Socionext ensures their SoC technology complies with MISRA — and satisfies the requirements of automotive customers. 


Reliable Code. Faster Development. 

Since Socionext adopted Helix QAC, they've ensured reliable, compliant code. 

Today, Socionext uses Helix QAC to:

  • Detect important coding issues earlier — including uninitialized variables, incorrect preprocessor directives, and unreachable code.
  • Reduce development time by 10% — running Helix QAC first makes manual code reviews more effective.
  • Improve code quality before testing — reducing the time and cost of rework. 
  • Train developers on coding best practices.
  • Maintain code that's better structured and easy-to-understand. 

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