Helix Core + IntelliJ IDEA

What Helix Core Does

Helix Core is the most popular version control system for enterprise development. Top AAA game studios and leading semiconductor companies choose Helix Core because it’s:

  • Lightning fast.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Handles large files (and a lot of them).
  • Enhances productivity and collaboration.

It’s designed to help even the large teams working on complex projects move faster.

How Helix Core Works with IntelliJ IDEA

Helix Core helps teams move fast. Developers can work in parallel without duplicating efforts. Because this combination allows you to:

  • Checkout, modify and integrate files.
  • Exclusively checkout files to avoid overwrites.
  • Review version history using Revision Graph and Time-Lapse View.
  • Easily integrate with other development tools, including build runners and game engines.

Whether you are using IntelliJ IDEA Community or Ultimate, you can plug into Helix Core version control. As your project and teams grow, Helix Core scales to handle everything.

Rebel + IntelliJ IDEA

What JRebel and XRebel Do

With JRebel, developers can stop waiting on redeploys and reload code changes instantly—all while maintaining application state. You’ll spend more time developing and less time waiting by skipping the rebuild and redeploy steps.

XRebel provides developers the ability to understand the performance of their running application while in development. You can easily debug your local or distributed application, see real-time performance issues, and act on issues proactively, eliminating the chance of exposing those issues in QA or production.

How JRebel and XRebel Work with IntelliJ IDEA

JRebel and XRebel are set up as a plugin within IntelliJ IDEA as a productivity suite for Java developers. JRebel works alongside IntelliJ IDEA to make changes in an application either deployed through IntelliJ or deployed on a remote machine. No matter the scenario, JRebel will make your coding experience seamless. XRebel will also plug into the server you are running in IntelliJ and give you a complete performance breakdown of your application.

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