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Why Perforce for Chip Design?

See why our highly scalable and secure Helix platform is the version control of choice for Embedded Systems product design.

Building Better Embedded Systems with Perforce

Embedded systems are more complex than ever. Embedded programmers now work side-by-side with design engineers, and products include code, third-party components, hardware designs, firmware, simulation, emulation, FPGA prototyping, documents and more. That’s why many of the world’s leading EDA and embedded systems companies trust Perforce Helix to build complex products more collaboratively and securely. Perforce enables these companies to both version and marry the model-based design and development, testing, and ongoing tracking of exceedingly complex designs with the code and onboard communications required to make them run.

The Single Source of Truth for NVIDIA

The Single Source of Truth for NVIDIA
Single Source of the Truth

The Version Control of Choice for Chip Design


Key Features

Here's what sets us apart.

Binary Asset


Perforce easily scales to support the work of tens of thousands of developers, designers, and testers creating software, hardware, and firmware. These teams are able to work in parallel, using their preferred tools and workflows without sacrificing project transparency, process management or security. Perforce is proven to serve high-volume environments common to Embedded Systems providers leveraging concurrent workspaces up to 100GB with hundreds of thousands of files each.

Binary Asset Management

Building embedded systems relies heavily on modeling and simulation using sophisticated CAD tools. The need for strong binary asset management has become vital for success in this industry. The binary file management offered by Perforce ensures large files of any type are handled as efficiently as standard text-based “code” assets, with no impact on system performance.

File-Level Security

With teams spread across geographies, organizations in this industry are often working around the clock. Files and work product generated across these organizations need to have centralized access control and streamlined integration into the larger product. Perforce Helix offers the industry’s most fine-grained permissions model. Unified security policies govern access control based on LDAP authentication and contextual information such as IP address of the client or file paths.

Industry Ecosystem

Embedded Systems companies represent some of the largest organizations in the world, yet make up a relatively small number of companies worldwide. They have a very specific set of needs around SoC and IC that are solved by only a select set of industry partners. Perforce has joined forces with the leading companies serving this space to provide end-to-end solutions around layout and design, ALM/PLM, and IP management. In doing so, the needs of an industry are well-served without requiring detailed one-off integration efforts.