Game Development

Why Perforce for Gaming?

Game developers love Perforce for seamlessly managing the parallel development of source code, 3D art, audio, documents, and large binaries distributed across multisite teams. Artists can easily add assets to Perforce version control using P4GT, a Perforce plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk's Softimage, 3ds Max, and Maya.

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Building Better Gaming Systems with Perforce

Perforce recently won the Develop Industry Excellence Award the third year running. As the industry's proven platform for powering fast and scalable Continuous Delivery, Perforce version control solutions help teams to rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly release new features and products.

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Lumberyard Game Engine

Native Integration with
Amazon Lumberyard

Lumberyard Game Engine

Up and Running with Zero Friction

What if your indie gaming studio could implement the same tools and best practices as the AAA studios? Amazon Lumberyard allows game developers to spend more time creating the next runaway hit and less time grueling over game engine components and building scalable infrastructure. And now Amazon’s free AAA game engine integrates natively with Perforce Helix. Simply download Lumberyard. Then download Helix. That’s it. They both just work.


Why Game Developers Love Perforce

Watch and learn why game developers love Perforce Helix
The Version Control of Choice for Gaming

The Version Control of Choice for Gaming


Key Features

Here's what sets us apart.

Binary Asset
Ready for
Productive Desktop


Helix scales like no other version control platform. Our versioning engine delivers blazing fast workflows for the entire enterprise. Helix can take anything you can throw at it—heavily automated environments, tens of 1000’s of users, tens of millions of transactions a day, terabytes of data… you name it. There are no limits to file type or size. Our federated architecture streamlines global replication.

Binary Asset Management

The binary file management offered by Perforce ensures large files of any type are handled as efficiently as standard text-based “code” assets, with no impact on system performance. So game developers can version everything—including code, config files, and large binaries like 3D models, video, audio, and designs.

Ready for Automation

Helix is optimized for high-volume automated environments:

  • Throughput up to tens of millions of transactions per day
  • Robust and resilient to ensure minimal down time
  • Commands optimized for concurrency for less waiting

Productive Desktop Experience

Consistent experience across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

  • Global Visibility: See which files are checked out and by whom
  • File Locking: Prevent others from overwriting your binary files
  • Powerful Search: Scan your entire repository for any content
  • Visual Tools: Time lapse, revision graphs, and P4Merge. Learn more.
  • Diffs: Folder, text, and image diffs to compare history