Akana Supports Customers in Establishing KPIs and Defining the ROI From Their API Management Strategies

New Webinar Series Outlines the Top and Bottom Line Benefits of Full Lifecycle API Management

MINNEAPOLIS, February 13, 2020 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scalability throughout the development lifecycle, has announced a new API assessment methodology to support organizations as they look to establish metrics and create business justification for ongoing investments in their API enablement and management programs.

Akana recognizes that many enterprise architecture teams strive to gain executive support for ongoing strategic investment in comprehensive API management versus tactical investments in individual application initiatives. To address this need, the Akana team has developed an online assessment tool using a repository of key business metrics in API enablement and management — the result of years supporting some of the world’s largest and best in class API management implementations — to quantify the financial impact and business value of implementing an API-first strategy.

Armed with this data, enterprise architecture teams can present an API strategy as a business initiative and not merely a technology effort. Demonstrating the benefits, “One existing customer, a global bank and leader in Open Banking, has leveraged the Akana API platform to securely open its core capabilities and empower a developer ecosystem, creating new partnerships and services and making banking easier for their customers. These business goals were reached while also meeting the requirements of emerging regulations, reducing their security and compliance risks,” reported Ido Benmoshe, VP of Products and Solution Consulting.

Most companies today are at various stages of digital transformation as they strive to remain competitive in serving an increasingly tech-savvy consumer base. To succeed in today’s digital economy, companies must maintain dynamic digital partnerships to deliver fast and responsive online services. These partnerships require the sharing of applications, with APIs serving as the foundation of these vast online ecosystems.

A robust API management strategy in the enterprise is critical to maintain security, automation, and IT efficiency as the number of APIs in most organizations continues to grow exponentially. Akana was a pioneer in API management and delivered one of the industry’s first full lifecycle API management platforms to unlock operational and strategic benefits.

Upcoming Webinars

Beginning February 19, 2020, Akana thought leadership will be launching a webinar series discussing the KPI’s of API management. The series opens with an overview of the methodology and data repository that supports the API Assessment, and continues with a deeper dive on how organizations can demonstrate the value of their API strategy for increasing revenue, improving IT efficiency, reducing security and compliance risks, and benefitting from cloud and hybrid deployment. Reserve your spot for the webinar by registering here.

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Akana provides an end-to-end API management solution for designing, implementing, securing, managing, monitoring, and publishing APIs. Ranked by Forrester as a leader and the top vendor for API security, Akana has proven tools to take your APIs from strategy and design to deployment and optimization. For more information, please visit www.akana.com.

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