Digital Economy Solutions (DES) Speeds Up Java Development With Perforce

Digital Economy Solutions saves 1600 hours of development time on eCommerce project with JRebel by Perforce.

MINNEAPOLIS, APRIL 14, 2020 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, was selected as a developer productivity resource by Digital Economy Solutions – the leading business services company in the United Arab Emirates. Integrating JRebel, a Java development tool by Perforce, into the existing Digital Economy Solutions development pipeline helped to streamline workflows, enhance developer productivity, and save their team over 1600 hours of Java development time.

“JRebel boosts our productivity and eliminates the time spent on redeploys, said the Lead Software Engineer at Digital Economy Solutions, “which helps us speed up our debugging processes and create better solutions for our clients.”

While developing an eCommerce solution for a client, the Digital Economy Solutions Java development team needed to make frequent changes to their application on the fly.

With project deadlines looming, and restart times getting in the way of developer productivity, the Digital Economy Solutions team needed a way to speed up their development efficiency without hiring additional developers.

They picked JRebel, an award-winning Java development tool that allows Java developers to skip restarts and redeploys. Within 15 minutes, the Digital Economy Solutions team was able to completely bypass the application restart times that had been slowing them down.

The Lead Software Engineer at Digital Economy Solutions commented on the experience, saying, “JRebel helped us to focus on store development instead of focusing on the technical issues getting in the way.”

Java development teams can learn more about JRebel by Perforce by visiting their website at, and download the full JRebel Digital Economy Solutions case study at

About Digital Economy Solutions

Digital Economy Solutions is a proud venture between emaratech and the Department of Economic Development of Dubai.They support governments with the development of strategic, big scale digital projects and digital ecosystem solutions to connect government to business, B2B and B2C.

As a systems integrator they streamline the way consumers and businesses interact with governments around the world. Their economy solutions currently include e-commerce, e-trader, and trade licensing.

About emaratech

emaratech, part of the investment profile of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, is the leading technology and consulting company in the Arab World. It provides high end market strategies, outsourced technology, and advanced business information technology solutions for both private and public sectors.

Its services include online solutions, system integration, applications development, business consulting, infrastructure hosting, business analysis and process re-engineering, business process, IT consultancy, quality management, and managed services.

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About JRebel

JRebel provides industry-leading Java development efficiency tools — removing bottlenecks in the development process and helping developers to code better applications, faster.

JRebel has revolutionized Java development by allowing developers to skip redeploys while maintaining application state. Combined with XRebel, developers can seamlessly diagnose, fix, and check code performance — even in microservices-based applications.

With over 3000 customers, JRebel and XRebel are trusted by leading brands around the world, including American Airlines, DellEMC, HBO, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Volkswagen, and more.

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About Perforce

Perforce powers innovation at unrivaled scale. With a portfolio of scalable DevOps solutions, we help modern enterprises overcome complex product development challenges by improving productivity, visibility, and security throughout the product lifecycle.

Our portfolio includes solutions for Agile planning & ALM, API management, automated mobile & web testing, embeddable analytics, open source support, repository management, static & dynamic code analysis, version control, and more. 

With over 20,000 customers, Perforce is trusted by the world's leading brands to drive their business critical technology development.

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