Mimimi Games Increases Creativity and Agility With Hansoft Agile Planning

MINNEAPOLIS, DATE, 2021 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, has partnered with award-winning and top-rated German game studio, Mimimi Games. When comparing Hansoft to Jira, the team at Mimimi reported Hansoft provided more flexibility and agility for their own approach to project management. “Hansoft continues to be the best tool we can use for our project planning, ” said Tom Kersten, Head of Production at Mimimi. “Hansoft has a very visual approach for creating reports, so there’s no need to type a lot of commands.”

Weighing Hansoft Versus Jira for an Upcoming Independent Game Release

When Mimimi Games wrapped up their Desperados III project and shifted focus to pre-production of their independent release, Codename Süßkartoffel (German for "sweet potato"), they wanted to challenge the limits and usage of Hansoft. While they were satisfied with Hansoft, it was the right time to weigh their options. After investigating Jira as a viable alternative, they ultimately concluded Hansoft would provide more value for their own approach to project management.

In all, they concluded:

  • Jira could not meet Mimimi’s customization and backlog planning needs.
  • Jira proved too lean for their own approach.
  • The option to host Hansoft on local servers improved speed and flexibility.
  • Atlassian moving Jira to a cloud-only framework was unappealing.

Hansoft Enables Speed, Flexibility, Creativity for Mimimi Games

While using Hansoft, Mimimi Games has unlocked greater performance, speed, flexibility, and team creativity.

Using Hansoft on local servers for data control and speed, Mimimi achieves optimal team and Agile planning software performance, including:

  • Rapid, often instant, response times when browsing tasks, dashboards, backlogs, and schedules.
  • Project managers can rapidly switch between tasks and views, while uploading new milestones and projects.
  • On-premises hosting increases speed and agility, a feature Jira no longer supports.
  • Hansoft’s user interface, paired with a custom and vast folder structure, allows Mimimi to easily create complex backlogs, topics, tasks, and folders.
  • Hansoft’s visual approach to data and analytics allows Mimimi to easily create dashboards and charts to visualize project milestones and projected outcomes.

To learn more about how Hansoft’s Agile Planning features can help you create a flexible and efficient development lifecycle, read the full Mimimi Games case study.

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About Mimimi Games

Mimimi Games was founded by Dominik Abé and Johannes Roth in 2008. The independent, award-winning development studio consists of 32 employees and is based in Munich, Germany. As a core game studio Mimimi develops for PC as well as consoles – and revived the real-time tactics genre with Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun in 2016. In June 2020 the team released Desperados III, the long-awaited prequel to the beloved classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, to critical acclaim.

Currently, Mimimi Games is working on their first self-published and third real-time tactics game: Codename Süßkartoffel.

For more information visit https://mimimi.games.

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